The Three Wives of President-Elect Donald Trump

The Three Wives of President-Elect Donald Trump

Even before Donald Trump won the 2016 elections, his family and personal life formally became part of the US political discussions. We’ve met his five children with three of them being Executive Vice Presidents to the Trump Organization.

Well, if there are children, there are their mothers. For the president-elect, three women gave birth to his beautiful children. I guess it’s time to know bits and pieces about them.

1. Ivana

Ivana Trump is a Czech-American socialite whom Donald Trump first married in 1977 in an extravagant wedding. His marriage to Ivana led to them being New York’s social icons in the eighties. She helped her future ex-husband with the business and gave birth to the three executive VP’s of Trump Organization. After their divorce, Ivana remarries two other men, with one wedding being hosted by the president-elect.

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2. Marla

Her relationship with Donald Trump ended Ivana’s. Marla Maples is a TV personality and appeared in some movies throughout her career. She bore the president-elect a daughter, Tiffany. She married Trump in 1993 but got divorced with him six years after. Marla also appeared on stage plays, became active with radio broadcasting, got involved with health and wellness, and wrote a book.

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3. Melania

The soon-to-be First Lady and mother to the upcoming US First Boy, Barron, Melania Trump is the president-elect’s third wife. Melania has been modeling at 16 years old and met her future husband at a modeling event in New York. When Trump first ran for the presidency in 1999, Melania said she would be a traditional first lady. She promises battle against cyberbullying.

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There go the three ladies who captured Donald Trump’s heart. While there will only be one first lady, we can expect to hear more about the two ex-wives even after the inauguration.

Meet the Other 5 Presidential Children to Enter The White House

Meet the Other 5 Presidential Children to Enter The White House

After George H. W. Bush, Donald Trump will be the next president-elect to bring five children to the White House once he assumes the position in January next year.

This article aims to give a short background about Trump’s children who will have more political exposure in the coming years.


1. The Junior


Donald Trump, Jr. is the president-elect’s eldest son who currently works as an executive VP for Trump Organization. He appeared with his two siblings on the reality TV show, The Apprentice, which ended in 2015. Don Trump, Jr attended the 2016 Republican National Convention, which was Ohio’s third time hosting the event, as a delegate and delivered a speech during the conference’s second day. He married model Vanessa Kay Haydon in 2005.

2. The Fashionista


Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter, and another executive VP of  Development & Acquisitions to Trump Organization, had recently launched her fashion line. She has written a book and appeared on TV shows and pageants apart from her stint on The Apprentice. His husband Jared Kushner led the 100-person ‘Project Alamo” who took care of the president-elect’s social media campaign.

3. The Golfer


Eric is the third of Ivana’s children with Donald Trump, Sr. and the third Executive VP for Trump Organization. He started a foundation in 2006 which regularly donates to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Eric Trump takes care of the family’s wineries and golf clubs.

4. The California Girl


Tiffany Trump is the president-elect’s only daughter with Marla Maples who grew up and lives in California. Unlike her half-siblings, Tiffany sees herself facing the current millennial lifestyle. She might be continuing to do the same after the inauguration.

5. The Ten-Year-Old

Should the Trumps decide to live in the White House, Barron Trump would be the only boy to reside there. Dubbed as Little Donald due to his resemblance to the president-elect, Barron is now being dubbed as America’s first boy. He’s Trump’s only child with the soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump.

There goes our list of the five presidential children to be part of America’s political life in the years to come.

8 Facts To Know About The Trump, Clinton Before US Inaugurates New President in 2017

8 Facts To Know About The Trump, Clinton Before US Inaugurates New President in 2017

Donald Trump is America’s 45th president-elect, though most people consider this result as “most shocking” since the 1948 elections. For people outside the United States who were busy during the time of elections, here are some facts you should know to catch up on their politics.

The US Elections


  1. Democrat Hillary Clinton would have won the electoral race if we based it on plurality. Clinton received 47.8% of the casted votes, which is 0.5% greater than what President-elect Donal Trump received.
  2. Donald Trump received more than 270 electoral votes on Election Day, which is considered the expected turnout for a legitimate election.
  3. Many people voted for neither Trump nor Clinton, and because the results were so close, third-party votes could have almost swayed the outcome.
  4. While there were still millions of ballots not yet counted for the election, Clinton still can’t make up for the electoral college votes race. She may increase her lead on popular votes but not on the ones that count.

Before The 2016 Elections


  1. This election is not Trump’s first time to run for president. He ran for the presidency in 2000 but backed out on Valentine’s Day after deeming his candidacy under the Reform Party is not conducive to winning.
  2. Hillary Clinton was considered as the first American First Lady to have offices on both wings of the White House and also the first one with a postgraduate degree when her husband former President Bill Clinton was elected in 1993.

After The Elections

GOP 2016 Trump

  1. There were still protests against Trump’s victory, though Clinton has already been reported to have conceded against her rival.
  2. The inauguration of the 45th US President is expected to take place on January 20, 2017. Will Trump break the record of being the oldest president to take the presidential office? Most likely.

These are just some facts to guide you through the recent elections.